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Truth cannot be found in any words, only in the silence that witnesses everything. Nevertheless, these teachings point to that space that is beyond all experience.
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  • All your life is a learning curve.

    Learning how your deepest nature, that is transcendent, has been embodying in human form to experience consciously what Love is. Even your apparent mistakes and errors are just way through which you can recognize how only Love is real. Suffering becomes the drive force that will show you how you don’t live yet from truth. It will show you all the places where still there is separation and fear. Bow to the wisdom of Life, it is the Highest Guru. With humbleness and courage it will guide you back home.


  • Wisdom pills with Shakti
    The key to the present moment
    In this extract from a Satsang online with shakti Caterina Maggi, she speaks the present moment and how...
  • “Gratefulness is an endless wave of joy, that when touches anything, then it transforms it into itself”


  • Podcast With Shakti Caterina Maggi
    Beyond the body and the mind
    You exists way beyond the limitations of the body mind. The message of non duality shows you how...
  • Be the Peace of the WorldA new World, Society
    Be the Peace of the World
    Even in the midst of these torments and conflicts, the neutral and loving gaze of the Heart exists...
  • wadi lissaPoetry
    A Prayer to the Divine Mother
    Dear Mother, so heavenly yet tenderly earthly, keep us all in your womb… Remind us with love where...