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Dive into the message of embodied non duality through online seminars and courses, each covering a specific topics or spiritual themes.
Meditations, satsang and experiential sessions will guide you through profound inner transformation.

from the 6th of November to the 29th of January

Live Streamed Courses

Explore upcoming online events.

Beyond the Illusion

Beyond the Illusion


The course is conceived as being both theoretical and experiential. Each session is divided into a part of satsang with question and answer, and one part of perception exercises.

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06 November 2022

In person Events

Discover the powerful field of consciousness generated at in person seminars.

Winter Retreat 2022

Winter Retreat 2022

Titignano, Italy

A 10 day immersive journey into clarity, love and true silence to embody non duality in your every day life.

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29 December 2022

Online Courses

Webinars designed to deepen your understanding and direct experience of non dual living.