Embodying Peace – Satsang Amsterdam Filippo May 9, 2024

Embodying Peace

Satsang in Amsterdam

de Roos

Amsterdam, NL

15th June

Ask live questions  ॐ  Direct and heartfelt non duality

This satsang will offer a deep exploration, from an experiential space, of finding peace in the eye of the storm and transforming conflict and suffering into the driving force for awakening.


15th June



Registration: 1:30pm

Satsang: 2:00-5:00 pm

before 1st of June 35 

50 euros after 1st of June

How to reach us

Should you need financial support to attend this workshop, please get in touch. No one is excluded

Embodied non duality does not bypass our suffering
but transforms it into authentic understanding
Terms & Conditions

All rights are reserved and eventual recordings are not to be shared with third parties.