Satsang in Glastonbury Nicola Lazzari February 12, 2023

Meditating the Shadow

Satsang in Glastonbury 

March 3rd 2023, 7-9 PM

Avalon room, Glastonbury Experience Courtyard

  • 2 hours of teaching
  • Meet Shakti in person through Satsang and in-depth Q&As
  • 2 hours of teaching
  • Meet Shakti in person through Satsang and in-depth Q&As


Organised by Rosa Bellino Events

Join our Satsang in Glastonbury.

Times of crisis can throw us off balance. We can either try to avoid those shadows or to meet them in our heart and evolve with them.  

Our spiritual journey becomes in this way more and more embodied, transforming what seemed to be an obstacle into a resource. From the fear and pain of the sense of separation we can access to the inner alchemy of the heart.   

Satsang will support participants to discover a practical approach to embody spiritual awakening in daily living.

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**Concessions available upon request**

Join our Satsang in Glastonbury.

Meditation can help us in a direct and profound way to self-transformation so that we can embody our spirituality in our everyday life.

Get in touch today to reserve your place, you can join just to one day.


Drop us a note to let us know if you’d like to attend the satsang, the full weekend intensive or a single day only, and we will get back to you with all the details. Reservations are not final until a confirmation is received.

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    Embodied non duality does not spiritual bypass our suffering
    but transforms it into authentic understanding


    Satsang, March 3thfriday

    Registration  6:30 pm

    Satsang 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    How to reach us

    Avalon room First floor, Glastonbury Experience Courtyard

    2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU

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    This event is kindly hosted by the Study Society of London and organised by Rosa Bellino Events, London, UK.