You are silence

“There is something immobile, silent, that listens to these words. It’s Silence. It is the Silence itself that through your form listens to these words, it is the Silence that experiences the world through the senses.

Listen to the sounds, the voices, the experiences of this moment. In our everyday life we ​​are only identified with what happens, with the actions that happen and we are rarely aware of the Silence that listens to them. Silence is not the absence of sound, Silence is actually our true Being, what in this moment is listening to life, what we call ourselves. In our everyday life we ​​identify with the actions that happen, with the emotions that happen, with thoughts and rarely we are just present at this moment, we are in a drama, in a story. And therefore what we lack is us, we lack the Silence we are. We lack our permanent nature, our eternal nature which is the basis of human experience. So let’s try to transform the experiences of our life into something permanent and eternal.

Obviously this is not possible, because the people we love come and go, sometimes they die, sometimes they leave us and the experiences in the material world come and go. There is only one thing that does not go and does not come and it is Silence, Immobility. Any mental, energetic, physical experience begins, lasts, and ends. The only thing that never starts and never ends is this Silence which is what you are. When we can be aware not only of the world but also of Silence, that quest to transform the events of the world into something eternal ends, the search ends and we rest in our true self. At that point for the first time you can enjoy the world because you no longer ask to it to be something it is not. You don’t ask the world to be eternal, you don’t ask something transient to last forever. You can allow it to be an expression of your eternal nature. The beloved become an expression of the eternal love that you are. The things you love in the world, your passions, your work, become an expression of the joy of existing, but you no longer ask them to give you meaning.

You are the meaning and these things become only the expression of what you are. You do not wander in the world anymore with hands that try to cling to an illusion. You can allow the world to be an illusion in the sense that it comes and goes. Only when you meet life with open hands you let it come and go, only then can you love life as it is. This is serenity, no longer asking the world to be something that it is not, and love it for what it is. The peace and serenity you are experiencing now is because your attention is being paid to what is true Peace, Nothingness, Silence. This allows the attention on the false self to be let go and go to rest in Silence. Silence is the great healer.

It is important to bring this recognition here in our daily life. An ordinary life lived in spirituality means to come back to living life from what we really are, this Silence that is one with everything, with life itself. In a space of love, of true love. Not love as a word, but as seeing ourselves in the world, seeing in the people that we encounter our pain or our sadness or any of our emotion and to really live as one. Learning to live from this awakening is the endevour of a lifetime ”.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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