The cage is empty and the door is open

Trascription from the video

“In our enquiry, we look for ourselves and as we look for ourselves the one we are ignoring is the Awareness that witnesses the seeking itself.

The mind is full of impurities, impressions, memories. We collect them throughout the centuries and they are handed down from generation to generation. Those impurities lay upon something that is absolutely transparent, Awareness.  Because its empty nature, we only see the impurities and we do not see the one who observes the impurities,  but who is wearing the impression of being a person? On who is the ego structure is lingering on? We may discoverthat those masks are absolutely not worn by anyone.

Look now into yourself, do not believe me. Look in yourself: in the contents of your mind, in the statements that you make about yourself. “I am like that… I have this problem … I have this pattern, this conditioning”… and now look, upon what or who this affirmations are laying?

Awareness always remains untouched and that is why when the attention returns to itself, we discover an immediate freedom and joy, not over time, not slowly slowly, but suddenly. There is a outburst of clarity like a lthnder, breaking into the darkness. Clarity … “clear seeing” …. And perhaps that clear seeing does not last … it is  temporary, but the impression of it remains very clearly in the memory.

We cannot truly remember Awareness, because it is nothing, it is not an experience and not an object, but we will remember the conditions in which that rgar outburst of clarity,  the glimpse of clarity. we will remember the absence of fear, the peace occurred.

The ego does not belong to the person. Who does wear it? These mental impressions are yet so convincing and it is so difficult for us to let them go, because we believe we exist within them, we are so fond of them, because we believe we exist inside of them, within our stories, within those patterns.

Do you understand? The cage is empty and the door is open! I know, knowing is not enough, so look for yourself, you don’t have to believe me.

Look now into the contents of your mind …. who or what is aware of it? What is the ego mask attached to?”

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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