True freedom and injustice

The enslaved one is the one who keeps his head down for fear of new abuses, who does not help his brother when he is accused unjustly, who does not support free expression, even from those are of a different opinions from his.

But also an enslaved one is the one who feels he must fight against the bullies and in so doing generates further violence, who does nothing but point his finger without considering that he too has been guilty at least once, who must express his opinion at all costs sacrificing the great gift of listening.

A truly free man, a woman are rare. They do not fight the war, but they offer peace. They do not judge, but they understand that they themselves are part of the injustices and therefore they heal themselves first before healing the world .

They do not ask for or nor give love, but they embody it at any time and in doing so share it with everyone. They are not afraid to face their dark side and smile with you at yours.

A new world can be born only from friendship and peace, a peace which is not an ideal to be reached, but an essential starting point. If you are not at peace, do not fight for it. Remain still until peace is true of you and then look at how your every action will express this peace, even if you are in silence.

The revolutions still struggle against an external enemy out there. They are movements against something and often become a way through which people can join together to feel close to one another for a while, eventually to return back to their lives trapped again in their inner and outer cages.

A new world, instead, is born from an inner revolution, where the enemy mirrors our own face, responding with a smile or a sneer depending on what we are reflecting back. The “other” is us. It’s me. No one to hate or love then, just the clear recognition that the shadow is a way in which the Light can become more evident when we have forgotten it.

If we remember it, if we remember that we are that Light, the shadow fades by itself. It is a natural process.

If you don’t trust all this, don’t try to force any trust, but welcome the sense of injustice that still burns in you and instead of throwing it outwards because of too much pain, try to listen to it. There is a hidden wisdom in that pain, which is attempting to tell you something. If you throw it out screaming it, you won’t be able to hear its voice.

We live in times of great change and wonderful opportunities. Each of us is called to live out of joy and no longer out of fear and pain: to do so, it is necessary for every form to sacrifice its suffering and fear, and to let it go. Only in this way, this wonderful garden that is the Earth can return to shine.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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