Time to grieve or to love?

This planetary challenge, with the emergence of a climate change and a political and social upsurging against social injustice and economical exploitation, is asking us wake up.

As people die around the world either from the consequences of the climatic crisis or from wars and protests that spread as wildfires, the call for a radical change is strong.

Which are the foundations of this transition?
The old paradigm talks about right and wrong, black and white, me and you.

The new paradigm is based on love, acceptance, recognition and celebration of differences. It is a real, revolutionary, down to earth awakening.

Waking up not as spiritual concept to a world of unity that does not include our day by day private life, but a real concrete openness of the Heart. The Heart intended as that sacred space in which we are One. A Heart in which your suffering is all mine, and my grieving includes yours. As if we carry on deluding ourselves in the illusion of two we will both lose the opportunity to emerge as a new reality that include us both.

The world we live in is the embodiment of our Consciousness and as long as we divide in abusers and victims we will completely lose the point.

Please do not fall in the illusion that you or me don’t count in the big picture. Your heart counts. Compassion is a powerful instrument of transformation, did you know?

Please not compassion as an horizontal game of ‘ I am sorry for you ‘. Compassion as a passionate inclusion -beyond any contradictions and differences – a compassion to be found as a starting place, that includes us all. Otherwise any conclusion we will come up with will start from the idea that we are two people that have to agree… and we will have as a consequence just further inequality. It does not work, it never worked and it will not work. It is our view on life that is biased and the distortion will keep on appearing as a consequence.

What does it happen when I can sit with my conflict and instead than blaming it on you I offer it as a sacrifice for a better situation for both of us? What does it happen when I give up my idea to be right and I will commit to find a solution that can come from a place in which the entirety of the picture is seen and we are both included?

That solution will appear from standing behind that old paradigm of a cake that is not big enough for the both of us. From seeing that the cake, simply, is the expression of our conflict or ability to express the love we are. What does it happen if we challenge the idea that resources are scarse and I need to prevail to survive?

My friends our hearts are in grief for what is going on. But we can love. Do not give up your heart, offer it as an altar to sacrifice our sense of separation, fear, jealousy, anger and shame. We can manifest something very beautiful and that grief can become a fertile garden for a new day.

I love you. Thank you for what you do, whatever it is. Thank you for your soaring heart. It is not wasted.

Let’s wake up now. Together.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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