The unrecognized Feminine

The wound of the unrecognized Feminine does not belong just to women, it not a gender fight.

It is centuries of unseen or misconceived power to be human and yet perfectly divine. It is a long time story of patriarchal hierarchy that privileges logic upon illogic, knowing upon being, abstract absolute upon a tender impermanence.

Truth is Father and Mother, it is a Whole and it cannot be seen in all these divisions, although all divisions and expressions are too of the Mother.

She is the undetectable Mystery of Being, to be touched but never be really said.

All you see it is Her, She breathes you, She pumps herself into your veins, she brings you to Life and closes your eyes.

She dances forever in the Heart, be aware of Her because She is the scandalous and the magnificent One.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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