The mirror of the world

When you ask a mirror for help, when you make a gesture of condemnation or love in front of a mirror, remember to look in Your direction. Every person, every form you meet is a mirror of You. Each shape is just a mirror. It will mimic exactly all the spaces that are already in the light or still in the dark. It’s not a personal mirror. There is no person who mirrors themselves. The reflection belongs to what we are or feel or think we are. It does not reflect an action of time, that is, personality. It reflects your beliefs about yourself and the world.
None of us is therefore responsible for what is being read in the mirror. Some may condemn you, others will love you. It’s not your business. Remain in your recognition process, remain in the opening of welcoming Yourself in everything. This is Love. This is compassion and detachment.
Response-ability is therefore the ability to respond to Life, recognizing that nothing is separate from us.
You are responsible for what happens not at the individual level, but to recognize that the way in which you see the things or people in your world is something that appears in You.
If you can take this response-ability, you will stop responding to good and bad as it manifests itself as if it were separate from you. If you can’t take that response-ability, then you will remain in the sense of separation: you will remain in the world of blame or approval, yours and that of others. The mirror will reflect that
suffering. Until you see what you are, God or the Divine is responsible for you. Open your heart and ask to be brought to a vaster and larger heart space.
When you see what you are, You are responsible. Then, you see only the Divine everywhere, even when there is ignorance and suffering. Because you grasp that sometimes it is the only way that Love itself recognizes itself. Your actions will be full of this love and peace, and they will emanate it. You may still be judged, if those who you meet need to empty on you their convictions, whether positive or negative. Let it happen, and do not take
anything personally. Consciousness has the right in some forms to remain in a space of suffering to learn certain aspects of ItSelf.
Remain loyal to what you know is true in your heart, and do not care about anything else.
Flourish where you are, and enjoy that flourishing around you.
The world is the Garden of Eden for those who have pure eyes.
Purity is this: do not recognize any separation anywhere.

With love

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