The lie of separation

It is not strange that you feel fear, because we are as society constantly in fear.

What we are told and repeated constantly is that it is good to be afraid, because this will make us safe and keep that way. We are told and repeated that being free is dangerous.

The point is that this is all just a huge lie. We are always and already completely free and we have no need to be afraid. It is just ignorance of what we that keeps this game up and feeds it, perpetuating the lie that what we are is something fragile and separated from the rest of the world. The lie that you are just this body, when instead this body/mind is just a tool you are using, a wonderful tool of perception, but it is not our truest essence.

The fear of being separated, confined and limited is what creates the whole control mechanism that you see in the world: it is somthing that hurts us, it hurts us because it is not true of us. The paradoxical thing is that our fear is it just an intense feeling from which we are constantly running away. We are afraid to be afraid and this traps us more and more in a world of pain and limitation. If you can remain present to this fear, just feeling it, you will discover that it is just your own joy contracted. In listening to it, in embrace it, it dissolves and what remains is peace.

You don’t need to be afraid, you can cross that fear, feeling it and find out that you can reconnect with your infinite peace and freedom, something that is already real of you. We are not educated to joy, but to fear and therefore it is not strange that isn’t easy at the beginning to go towards joy. But it is possible that this shift about living from joy and no longer from fear happens in an instant, even now.

If you feel conflict, you don’t need to accept all existence, but only this moment. If you really embrace this moment, then you’ll have also embraced all existence because all that exists is just this moment. And this moment. And this moment. Start now to get out of the paradigm of fear discovering that is just an illusion.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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