The Dance of Śakti – the alchemical transformation of yourSelf

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Can one be free from emotions?

You cannot be free from something that is you. Erroneously many seekers believe that emotions should be avoided or transcended to reach awakening, because they have a wrong approach to their own Self.

Emotions, as well as thoughts, are part of the expression of the human form, it is Consciousness therefore that appear as emotions as well. Everything that is manifesting is part of the emanation of One Being, that expresses itself as all there is, including human forms. Getting free from emotions would imply immediately a personal separate you that is free from a separate thing called “emotions”. There is not a somebody that is personally having an emotion to get free of.

On the other hand, one could say that your uttermost deepest nature is already totally free from anything, as Nothingness. Your true Self is in fact void of any qualities whatsoever: it is Stillness, Peace, pure Void. 

In the Indian tradition is explained how Nothingness, or Śiva, remains always still in itself and the expression of its Being creates everything that exists. That expression is Śakti, the power of creation that is emanating as all that can be perceived. You could also say that She is Perception itself. Śiva dances the Dance, and the Dance is Śakti. They are One forever, void and form, and their divine love play creates all that exists. 

The ecstasy of the Goddess, madly in love with her divine lover, paints all the colors and forms of the Universe, including the human form. This particular expression of the divine is capable of not only letting the Universal Consciousness having an experience of its own world, but alsoof being directly aware of itself. This ability is the beginning of awakening: the transcendence of the concept of separation towards the recognition of the absolute unity and inherent freedom of our Self with everything that is. 

So what has to be transcended is the concept of separation and the attachment towards emotions, NOT the emotions in themselves. 

The attachment or identification with that particular vibration of the Goddess called emotions is generally unfolding depending on which pattern of conditioning the form has been exposed to. Italians for instance can be very jealous where instead German are often suffering of a sense of guilt. This is of course an extreme generalization to explain how nothing is personal, not even what we consider our most intimate feelings.

Everything is simply an expression of the Divine Mother: all there is it is Her Body. The feelings and emotions that are therefore apparently present in one’s body (we should say AS one body) are just vibrations appearing in our Stillness. The reason why we experience suffering about them it is because we consider those emotions as personal. We do get identified with them, as if there was a personal me inside those vibrations. There is not actually “my” anger or “my” happiness. Even this impression is just another vibration of the Goddess. 

Transcending this identification implies therefore the capability from the Consciousness through a certain form to cross the identification itself as a contraction and going through the fire of the suffering. This walking through fire is generally avoided by an un-awakened Consciousnessthrough various compensations and strategies. 

Is transmutation of emotions possible?

Why does one is afraid of feeling jealousy or guilt or blame? If you exit out from the narrative that the thinking mind creates about the reasons on why you feel something or something else (the stories of the mind about our suffering), what you remain with is just a feeling in itself. 

That feeling is burning because the fire of the Goddess cannot run freely in that direction: the sense of me is trapping part of the energy in a knot of identification. 

The pushing of this energy is perceived through the form as a thumbing force that is felt as fear and despair, unless it is channeled through a clear understanding of our true Self as Emptiness. At that point, anything can be felt with no fear,because there is the clarity that anything that is appearing as a feeling is just a movement in your Being. Unless this is clear you are probably going to be overrode by emotions, as Śakti will be moving with no clear direction. 

Crossing emotions and dissolving the identification with them will be therefore an ecstatic process of transmutation of the lead of fear into the gold of joy. 

To understand this deeply we should consider that the sense of identification or ego-concept is simply a contraction in one’s own Being. 

There is not really an entity inside the body-mind, but this contraction made up of thoughts and feelings that is giving the impression to an unawakened Consciouness that there is actually a somebody living life, a somebody that is feeling a feeling or thinking a thought. We could say that the false personality is simply made-up of these series of knots of identification. So despite Consciousness having the impression of a “me”, there is not a me but just a contraction. 

The mechanism is made-up in way that if the energy starts to move to unknot it there are compensation strategies that protect it, so that very often for the majority of people all their life consists of this ever-turning cycle of input-reaction. Generally speaking, we are quite unaware of the deep layers of the personality and we are simply conscious of these superficial layers of the “me”. In other words very rarely we really know ourselves, we simply know the reactive side of the personality. 

Once the process of meditation starts and the attention starts to be steadily resting on the Silence of our Being, from the empty I we are able to observe this energy, without reacting to those mechanisms if they are activated by the happenings of life. 

At that point we are able in fact to witness and dissolve through the meditation those superficial layers of the “me” and instead that reacting unconsciously to life, we start to be able to feel the burning of the Sakti moving in a new way, unknotting those layers and revealing deeper parts of the me. 

Underneath these mechanisms of reaction, you find generally strong unpleasant emotions that were hiding, like anger, pain, deep sadness, etc.

Being able to remain present to such darkness requires a steady and firm attention from Emptiness, so that one does not follow again the narrative of the suffering, but goes deeply in the feeling of them.

These are moments of deep insight and emotional release that should not be approached as a personal achievement or personal victories over the ego. The risk is otherwise to re-personalize the process as if there is a somebody that is crossing those patterns.

Emptiness should be our starting put and also the end. Basically from the Shiva-Consciousness (Void), all Shakti is able to dance and move to free up unconscious patterns of energy and dissolve them back into Emptiness.

The energy instead that being projected horizontally in mechanisms of reaction towards the world (the typical cause –effect dynamism), it is able to move vertically, towards a resolution in the Void of Being (seeing the serendipity of everything that appears).

We have to remember that this process of dissolution and transformation of the ego-concept is not happening in an ordinate or standardized fashion, but it is really following the ability of the Consciousness through the body mind to be able to “digest” subconscious energy. 
One could remain years to dissolve a certain pattern, until is possible for the Consciousness through a certain form to catch up the Oneness of an inner and outern life and not reacting towards what is happening. 

For certain people overcoming some conditioning is a very fast process, where instead for others the same thing needs a slow-cooking low-temperature approach. There is no rule: what must be clear though is that it is the SAME one Consciousness that dances through the forms and come to know itself in different forms. 

It is one process of awakening, blossoming as springtime through all the flowers of God’s garden. 

Shakti Caterina Maggi

Interview by Philippe Herbert, for 3’e Millenaire

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    Dearest Shakticaterina
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