9th December 2020

Open your Heart

Open your Heart. It doesn't matter what happened, what your mind tells you about how it would have to be, how it should be.
29th November 2020

How do you deal with good and bad if everthing is One?

27th November 2020

Awakening is like the springtime coming

How is possible that Consciousness that is Pure Intelligence gets identified with the human mind?
24th November 2020

Sacrificing the ego, how to stop reactions

When we keep on reacting we reinforce the ego contractions. Meditation teaches how to trascende the ego image, but not nourishing it with attention and acting it out. This is the sense of spiritual sacrifice.
23rd November 2020

LIfe as a prayer

Every human being has at least moment in their life in which they have a sense of our trascendental nature. Although not all of us feel called to formal prayer, all creation is nevertheless immersed in Divine grace.
5th November 2020

The cage is empty and the door is open

Who is wearing the ego? Awareness reamains untouched by all the mental impressions that constitutes the ego. You are what you are looking for.
4th November 2020

The sacred feminine path

Daily living can become a way of embodying the truth of our Heart. Life thus becomes service and the tradition of the sacred feminine has shown over the centuries the importance of bowing to Life itself as a guru.
3rd November 2020

The Heart can dispel any fear

3rd November 2020

The unrecognized Feminine

The wound of the unrecognized Feminine does not belong just to women, it not a gender fight. It is centuries of unseen or misconceived power to […]
20th January 2020

Conscious creation, Life is You

What happens after awakening to the manifestation of Life? Creation is the embodiement of your Consciousness. When you see what you are, Life will be the […]