If you meet yourself in this message, to the point of seeing that you have written these words, then we will share this space together and what will remain will be only friendship.
This is the foundation of the global community of seekers which meets regularly online and in person, that represents the living message of/and the truth of who we are. As a network of jewels, in which each of us is a reflection of all the others, this free and open circle brings together people of different ethnicities, cultures, orientations and ages, (from zero to 100 !).
Everyone is invited to be a part of it, as we all are already part of it in a sincere search for truth and love.

Shakti is just the catalyst of the sangha.

“We are a net of jewels, that expresses deeply and without any doubt how the ultimate teacher, the sadguru, is life itself. Every single form is a door to this light, the sangha has neither beginning nor end, in every point of the circle, behind the apparent differences and perspectives, a unique Consciousness shines, which becomes the many.”

How do you recognize that you are part of this net of jewels?

“One day the gaze simply turns back towards what lives through each of these bodies and with this comes the discovery that this is where one has always been and where everything or everyone is and always has been in reality.
In discovering who I am, I also discover ed who you are. In so doing, I simultaneously forgot about you and about me, about everything.
Since then the dance between the unknown and illusion continues.
Do you want to dance too?”

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