International Community Gathering (ITA/ENG)

Weekly online meeting

20th February 2018

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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7th January 2018

Dating the fear

3rd January 2018

The Beauty of Awakening

3rd December 2017

Integrating Awakening and the mind’s pendulum

What you are is causeless, so no action in time and space can bring you to the Eternal Now. Those attempts to seek for those experiences […]
30th September 2017

Awakening to Life

30th September 2017

Embodied Awakening

18th September 2017

The courage to be loved

9th September 2017

Becoming Master of Yourself

What you truly are at the essence of your Being is Silence. This is the true I of any being, just empty Silence that rests behind […]
7th August 2017

A true peace

“Become aware of all those places within you where there could be a contraction. Become only aware. Listen to listening itself … and observe how, in […]
11th July 2017

The mirror of the world

When you ask a mirror for help, when you make a gesture of condemnation or love in front of a mirror, remember to look in Your […]