20th April 2019
Sven Hoppe [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

An all inclusive embrace of the Absolute

All is Brahman, even the illusion that all is not Brahman. This is the door towards an absolute compassion. As we glimpse our Absolute nature, we […]
18th February 2019

How Consciousness Becomes Human Interview by Renate McNay

29th November 2018

Mystic Union of Feminine and Masculine

La neutralità dell’essere e l’Unione Mistica Il tuo Essere è neutrale, è sia maschile che femminile. Entrambe queste energie danzano nella forma. Il fatto che il […]
3rd November 2018

The open attention of Awareness

2nd November 2018

Being the Understanding

22nd October 2018

The Integration of Awakening

Life itself as the perfect reflection of consciousness, as the true spiritual practice. Instead that seeing suffering as somehing that we need to fix in the […]
30th July 2018

Emptiness and Form are One

30th July 2018

A master is not a person, but a function

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8th March 2018

All manifestation bows to the Self

8th March 2018

Nobody dies, the endless kaleidoscope

Every form is arising and dissolving in the Ocean of Consciousness. Nothing is actually dying, but it is just transforming. In this impersonal play of energy […]