Open your Heart

Open your Heart.
It doesn’t matter what happened, what your mind tells you about how it should have been, how it should be.

Open your Heart.
Allow yourself to see those errors and mistakes as the only necessary way to show you how those ideas about you and the world did not bring you any joy, but suffering. If you hadn’t made those mistakes, those ideas would have remained there to dust.

And instead this wonderful humanity ripped your heart out, creating pain, for a while.
They were those cages that kept your heart closed to give you pain, they prevented you from seeing that Opening that the mind calls fragility, vulnerability.

Open your Heart, without ifs and buts. Without explanation or justification. The perfection of everything is revealed, when judgment is suspended and nothing remains, except this moment that asks nothing from you. Not even to love it.

It is Love, it is You. Make mistakes. And then make mistakes again. Because it is from your mistakes that you break the illusion that everything must be as you thought.

Light emerges exactly from those wounds.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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