The word satsang comes from Sanskrit and means “in the company of the truth” and is the traditional name for meetings with a teacher or guide who shares the awakening to the unitary Consciousness.
In satsang, through questions and answers, we come to discover what we are, using life itself as a reflection of the ego, so that our daily life becomes the embodiment of our spiritual life. By dropping concepts and ideas that we have structured to keep fears and insecurities at bay, what is true of us is revealed, both the Peace and Silence that is true on a profound and universal level, and in the meeting of our true personality free from conditioning.


A day or a weekend dedicated to the deconstruction of egoic conditioning, including those unconscious structures that prevent us from living freely. Typically the structure of the day is made up of satsangs along with perception exercises inspired by the work of Douglas Harding.