Retreat in Italy (English Translation)

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Date(s) - Apr/24/2020 - May/03/2020
15:00 - 14:30

Titignano Castle


Retreat in Italy with Shakti Caterina Maggi
Italian translated into English

from April 24th to May 3rd

in Titignano Castle, Titignano, Orvieto (TR)

Titignano is a beautiful medieval town surrounded by greenery, with a castle, a square and a very pretty church that for 10 days is transformed into a “retreat village”. It is close to the Assisi monastery (San Francesco d’Assisi Church) and only 1 hour from Rome.


Friday, April 24th
From 3.00 pm Arrival and Check-In
19.30 Dinner
9.00 pm Satsang with Shakti Caterina Maggi

From Saturday April 25th to Saturday May 2nd December
9.00 am Breakfast
10.30 am Music and Silence
11.00 am Satsang with Shakti Caterina Maggi
1.00 pm Lunch
3.30 pm Perception Exercises
5.30 pm Blindfolded dance
7.30 pm Dinner
9.00 pm Satsang with Shakti Caterina Maggi

Sunday May 3rd
9.00 am Breakfast
11.00 am Satsang and Sharing with Shakti Caterina Maggi
1.00 pm Lunch

Info and reservations:

Menu purely vegan / vegetarian – report any intolerance-allergies when booking.

Our musician Anando Bricchi will be present for a part of the retreat with his beautiful music and he will give also a singing lab on one of the afternoon of the retreat.

Send an email to you we will give you more information and you will be redirected to the reservation at the Castle of Titignano. If it is the first time you participate, leave a WhatsApp or Skype contact for a brief informative call.

The retreat with Shakti Caterina Maggi is donation based, with a suggested contribution of 50 € a day, no one is turned away for lack of money.
The costs for board and lodging at the Castle of Titignano vary from 57€ to 80€ per day (63$-88$), per person, in full board.

You can use the “discussion” area of ​​the fb event to share any ride. Taxis from the Orvieto Station can be booked directly with the Castle once the reservation for board and lodging has been made. In the confirmation email of the Castle you will receive all the information regarding the “how to get there”.

All meetings, retreats and seminars, are offered just as a possibility of inner enquiry and they do not have the purpose or intent to resolve symptoms or psychological pathologies that require professional or medical treatment. Nor do they offer healing or treatment of physical or psychological conditions. The seminars are about the philosophical foundations of identity and reality, therefore are not indicated for those who have received psychiatric treatment.


Life itself is a call towards the Self. Our daily life becomes the path towards liberation. Though manifestation is only an illusion, it is also an opportunity for awakening, an invitation to rediscover the Self at the center of our own humanity. In this sense, overcoming fear and illusion is to awaken to the extraordinary beauty of the moment, and to become a true embodiment of Consciousness itself in human form.

Life itself invites you to go through all those fears that seem to trap you into the human body and into the duration of a lifetime. From the conscious perception of the Immobility of your Being, these contractions, which are the same energy we call fear, are revealed as your own joy which is now free to radiate through form.

At the center of the egoic contraction there is only pure Emptiness, something that is mistakenly conceived as fragile and vulnerable. But it is actually Openness itself, only apparently covered by the illusion of being a someone.

From this direct perception, Life appears as an embodiment of the Absolute, and a precious opportunity to experience the Self consciously. As a Creator who experiences itself through its own creation.

Shakti Caterina Maggi, contemporary mystic and spiritual leader, shares a message of non separation (non duality) between all beings in conferences, seminars and retreats around the world. Her interests are on global awakening, sacred feminine and the concrete possibility to embody spirituality in our every day life, though compassion and deep understanding. She collaborated with Science and Non duality Conference and other spiritual no profit organizations around the world. She has been one of the contributor of the first anthology about spirituality and science, On the Mystery or Being, published in 2019 by New Harbinger. She is currently working on publications about compassion as a way of transforming our world.


Info and Bookings:


  1. roger floch says:

    it has been too long since october in sicily (2018),i am longing for you,i ,i willcome with”empty hands”because i feel still in despair and with so little home like a fragile candy flame the wind could shut down!i will come if you accept me, love roger

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