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Life is the embodiment of Consciousness. Everything you emanate takes shape in your daily life

Satsang is for anyone who feels a heart-desire to contact the true Self that belongs to all forms. These sharings are,  by their nature, free, as they belong to the truth of each of us For many years Shakti’s message was supported solely by donation. The contribution requested today for the various courses and seminars supports the many team members working behind the scenes to share Shakti’s teachings in the best possible way.

Your contribution supports the sharing of satsang, the Oasi Medova project and funds the participation of those in financial difficulty.

You can also write to [email protected] for more information.

Supporting  Satsang

The production and broadcast of audio and video of events and seminars requires continuous technical updating. We always aim to use the best technology for publishing on social media and our various channels of communication, to ensure this message is available to as many people as possible. Your donation supports the purchase of the necessary equipment, as well as the work of those professionals involved in the production of the seminars, including translation, transcriptions, audio / video support, graphics, webmastering and the organization.

Medova Oasis

Oasi Medova is private estate that represents the embodiment of the satsang. It is a small spiritual center in Sicily, where Shakti offers seminars and residential experiences for those who have already met her message. Beyond being a space of sharing the message of non-duality, Oasi Medova is also an expression of love for Mother Earth. In this precious natural sanctuary, thousands of wild animals, insects, flowers and rare plants find a refuge from an increasingly hostile environment.

Shakti and her partner Siraj are the keepers of this magical place, overseeing its expansion, working to protect it as it grows organically.  Your donation supports organic farming projects, the reconstruction of reception spaces. It helps with the expenses needed to host the volunteers who help to make this place a powerful space of physical and spiritual regeneration.

During the Covid crisis, Oasi Medova became the center from which Shakti’s message was shared. Any support for the project is greatly appreciated  as it contributes to the consolidation of this place to be manifestation of the teaching in everyday life.


Anyone who is in financial difficulty, but feels a spiritual urgency, can apply to participate for free or via donation to events offered. If you wish to contribute to help those in difficulty you can do so here.