Do not say “I am you”

Don’t say “I am you”, if you are unable to sit with another’s pain as if it were your own.

Don’t give me your opinion, when there is confusion in my mind, silence can be more powerful than many words.


Don’t ask me to forgive before I am even able to see where my wounds are softly calling my attention.

I don’t need extra pressure, but space to hug them.


Don’t give me a sermon about how everything is a reflection of me, if you can’t be an empty mirror while you speak.

My personal judgment and my guilt are grateful thanks.


Love does not judge, does not push, does not analyze.

Love listens in silence, understands and allows.


Compassion knows that I need the space to process, to make mistakes, to get madly angry, before I can let go, forget and forgive.

Don’t assume how easy it is for someone to get over something they’ve already been through.

You may find that you have to learn through them as well.


Humbleness is a sign of wisdom, true kindness a sign of true power.


I love you.

Thank you.


Shakti Caterina Maggi



  1. Eric says:

    Thank you Shakti!

    Love … does not analyze.

    It’s so difficult not to analyse for me.

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