20th January 2020

Conscious creation, Life is You

What happens after awakening to the manifestation of Life? Creation is the embodiement of your Consciousness. When you see what you are, Life will be the […]
17th January 2020

Meditating the world through compassion

The world is in desperate need for compassion. Compassion means to recognize the real nature of every living being, also in actions that express separation. Compassion […]
7th January 2020

Becoming You: A Journey to the Void and Back

23rd November 2019

Time to grieve or to love?

This planetary challenge, with the emergence of a climate change and a political and social upsurging against social injustice and economical exploitation, is asking us wake […]
7th November 2019

The Dance of Śakti – the alchemical transformation of yourSelf

Can one be free from emotions? You cannot be free from something that is you. Erroneously many seekers believe that emotions should be avoided or transcended to reach awakening, because […]
15th October 2019

From being frozen to Stillness

30th September 2019

War and Peace

How can you stop a war? Start with finding peace. If you start trying to create peace in a situation and your starting point is a […]
30th September 2019

True freedom and injustice

The enslaved one is the one who keeps his head down for fear of new abuses, who does not help his brother when he is accused […]
1st September 2019

You are silence

“There is something immobile, silent, that listens to these words. It’s Silence. It is the Silence itself that through your form listens to these words, it […]
24th May 2019

Indra’s net and dreaming the world