3rd May 2020

The lie of separation

It is not strange that you feel fear, because we are as society constantly in fear. What we are told and repeated constantly is that it […]
9th March 2020

A Spiral of Inclusion: interview for SAND

Interview realized by Zaya Benazzo for Science and Non duality. Click on the image to see the video. Next webinar realized with SAND: www.scienceandnonduality.com/webinar/the-way-of-compassion  Sundays, March […]
19th February 2020

Awakening to Love

Awakening is an action of Love. An action of Love towards Itself. In this Love all is received, nothing is refused. The spiritual mind refuses what […]
18th February 2020

Life is the guru

Life is the ultimate Guru and it is teaching us every day. Each moment can become a portal of realization, if we are able to let […]
15th February 2020

Forgive, Forget and Remember Love

Our soul longs to reconnect to the source and remember our essence that speaks of unity, love and peace. This remembering goes along with the forgetting […]
6th February 2020

Back to Joy – Living from Non-Separation

Our true essence is Openness itself, an unbroken Consciousness that is one with all there is, and, naturally, it radiates Joy. Quite rarely though, do we […]
20th January 2020

Conscious creation, Life is You

What happens after awakening to the manifestation of Life? Creation is the embodiement of your Consciousness. When you see what you are, Life will be the […]
17th January 2020

Meditating the world through compassion

The world is in desperate need for compassion. Compassion means to recognize the real nature of every living being, also in actions that express separation. Compassion […]
7th January 2020

Becoming You: A Journey to the Void and Back

23rd November 2019

Time to grieve or to love?

This planetary challenge, with the emergence of a climate change and a political and social upsurging against social injustice and economical exploitation, is asking us wake […]