Back to Joy – Living from Non-Separation

Our true essence is Openness itself, an unbroken Consciousness that is one with all there is, and, naturally, it radiates Joy. Quite rarely though, do we live from  our real nature, because from early on, each of us has been caught in and hypnotized by the fear that the sense of separation cast upon us.

We feel separated from one another, and even though ultimately this is not true, it seems so real that we operate from the premise of needing to protect ourselves. In this way we find ourselves UTTERLY lost in the mental stories of things that often don’t even exist AND we spend our time and energy  trying to fix those stories as if they are real and we are the main character about which they revolve.

This comes at a price: our natural radiance, expressed with ease in the first years of our lives, becomes contracted around the sense of a separate ‘me’ and we suffer. Fear and the mental narrative that this brings become our normal mode of being, and we continue to trade joy for the false sense of security this seems to offer.

This ego contraction may at some point lead to a inner crisis that can become a major turning point in our life: the invitation to transform what is unreal and inauthentic back into the radiance that originally and effortlessly emanated from our Being.

The key to this alchemical transformation –  the transmuting of the lead of fear into the gold of joy – is in the sacrificing of all of the false images of ourselves that we have built. It is a dying to the illusion of separation. In this way we can use fear as a door instead of as an obstacle.

The crucible in which this alchemy takes place is our Heart, the meeting point between Emptiness and Form, human and divine, transcendence and life.

Accessing our Heart as a spiritual practice is immensely powerful, and because of this can be terrifying for the ego based mind. Dropping the constant conceptualizing of the mind and merging with the perception of life means meeting everything deeply with our sense wide open, including what is felt to be uncomfortable or vulnerable.

The Heart – in all its simplicity and compassionate Silence – can PERFORM this miracle, using as a catalyzer all we think we know of ourselves.

When we rest in the Heart, in its Silence, we interact with the world from the truth of what we are, and for the first time are able to use – consciously – our form, as an expression of our being. Our body mind becomes an expression of truth, so that every word, thought and emotion is a living embodiment of this realization. We become the bridge between Emptiness and Form, and that bridge is Love, suspended between Nothingness and Life. 

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