Awakening to Love

Awakening is an action of Love. An action of Love towards Itself. In this Love all is received, nothing is refused.
The spiritual mind refuses what is present, it wants to work on the personality, it wants to transform, it wants to change. It wants to get Enlightenment.

Love observes, let everything – included fear, anger, hatred or any of the so called negative emotions – to be present. In not fighting these things, Love melts everything in itself.
The spiritual mind makes war to the spiritual mind.

Love lets be, it embraces everything, the beautiful and the ugly, the positive and the negative, and it accepts them unconditionally.

Fighting, reacting is not personal. it comes just from a spiritual mind that still wants to search, in the next moment, in next the ten seconds m, for the formula to dissolve suffering. Suffering is just a thought, an illusion believed to be real.

The spiritual mind fights with what is and therefore it does not know Love. Love includes the spiritual mind and beyond. What you are is Love, always. Even if sometimes this Love has fallen asleep about itself and therefore it seeks for itself.

This seeking will end for the very fact that has begun.
If you are aware of the fact that there is still a searching, just observe that this search is present and don’t fight it. Let it be so, knowing that seeking will not carry you anywhere because nothing exists but this moment. And this moment. And this moment. In the observation of this fact that inner fire that was supporting the seeking will grow and it will carry away with itself all that is false.

This ending of the sense of separation is a TRUE death, but that leaves space after its occouring to LIFE, as it is. As it always was, and is.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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