Life is the guru

Life is the ultimate Guru and it is teaching us every day. Each moment can become a portal of realization, if we are able to let the lesson guiding us back home.
Time and space are created by the movement of this One Consciousness that manifests – in the pursuit of learning upon itself – every possible direction and variation.

Beloved Feminine

Naked, you open yourself on the skin of the earth. Loved, forgotten, denied, crushed, but also revered by poets and invoked by lovers. In a sigh I hear you, that indecisive path that inevitably leads to God. Woman, you are a Female to some and a Mother to all. Protect us from ourselves, from those…

Walking the spiritual path

We all often feel that our life does not seem to express, in its entirety, what we have learned on a spiritual level, showing an apparent distance between an absolute plane – where we may know that everything is one and that we are one Consciousness – and a relative plane, where another kind of rules seem to apply and where the duality of existence forces us to make choices and decisions that sometimes clash with our beliefs and ideals. In reality, we cannot transform and express what we feel is right until this becomes true on all levels of our being. This means not only on a mental level, but also on an emotional, energetic and physical level. Integrating the truth of our Heart into daily life is a journey of courage, sincerity and perseverance. When something becomes profoundly true not only in our mind but in our life, then all our actions will be the expression of it.