An all inclusive embrace of the Absolute

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All is Brahman, even the illusion that all is not Brahman. This is the door towards an absolute compassion.

As we glimpse our Absolute nature, we might have a tendency to deny what is apparently not true, instead than just recognizing it as just part of a more dense manifestation of the Self. Ignorance exists in the Truth not as denial of it, but as its less complex and encompassing manifestation. In the same way we could say that the sense of separation and suffering are not the opposite of Truth, but a partial vision of it.

An embodied understanding implies the possibility not to exclude a less deep vision of Life, but the ability to consciously connect to different point of the true Self, as part of one bigger seeing in which everything is seen as perfectly intertwined. This leads to a compassion towards what seems to be false and the possibility to see it as the attempt of Truth to know itself consciously.

On a bigger scale, a relative level is the Absolute showing itSelf in manifestation. All that appears as relatevily true – like time/ space, individual free will and cause/effect – is actually the way in which the Ultimate Reality manifests and experiences itSelf. Time/space, cause/effect, free will/destiny do exist as just a dualistic/subjective point of view, not in the Absolute. At the same time Life IS the Absolute living a relative /subjective point of view of itself!

In itself the Absolute Reality never manifests, but it does appear as all that exists. As you look as all there is as separate actions, the notion of time and space or cause and effect shows to be a point of view from a Self… fragmenting itself to be understandable. Like the colors of a prism projected on a wall, each color appears as a singular and independetly moving, but as you look back at the prism – and not its reflections – you simply see the many facets of the divine gem. In God we all exist as One.

In the Reality of Being, all it is one single action, one Universe. This Absolute Reality is in fact what we can call God, not as a superior entity governing everything, but as the prior condition in which all exists. It is not that God might exists or not, it is our dualistic conception of God that does not exist. We should not doubt its existence, but of our existence as separate entities.

Duality is the Dance of the Divine becoming manifested. The illusion of duality therefore is seen by the Absolute, manifests as the Absolute, through the Absolute. There is not a Truth that contradicts the others as it seems to be on the dual perspective, but one absolute Truth that encompasses and includes them all. All the possible points of view – overlapping each other and blending into each other – dissolve in an inexplicable, ineffable Mystery of Being.

May all beings rest consciously in this Divine embrace, knowing that Truth is our nature and its recognition our destination.

Shakti Caterina Maggi

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