All manifestation bows to the Self


  1. Claus Huber says:

    Dearest Caterina!
    Just let me express all my gratitude to your wonderful words and insights. Indeed: meeting you has made me reaching my deepest inner self which turns out to be Beingness istself. Unbound, eternal, silent, peacefull and all of this in the midst of
    outside turmoil. I fell in love with you immediately (with all respect to you) because you caused me to celebrate inner marriage with the absolute and the relative. How undiscribable delicious. Millions of flowers are flourishing my garden of eden and let me levitate high in the clouds, meeting the rainbow of holy flavor. I just bow my soul to you, wonderful woman,
    who touched me so deeply. Love has come embodied through you and your expression of the truth so closely that all my dreams are somehow in a mysterious way become real. The butterfly has evolved and flies into void.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Mitchell Goldstein says:


  3. Marta says:

    Sono vicino a Val d elsa e sarei interessata al ritiro che inizia oggi pomeriggio. Vorrei sapere se ci sono ancora posti ed il costo grazie


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