Shakti Caterina Maggi

Spiritual guide and author, Shakti offers the teaching of an authentic embodiment of awakening through our everyday life. Her work is a bridge between ancient mysticism and contemporary spirituality, using meditation as a powerful tool for self  transformation.
For the past twenty years she has been sharing the possibility of awakening to our true nature and the experience the of non-separation amongst all living beings to with thousands of people worldwide, through conferences, seminars and retreats.
Inspired by the ancient Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and the non-dual tantric tradition, Shakti shares a very contemporary approach to self recognition with clarity, wisdom and humor. Her focus is on radical compassion, global awakening and the integration of spirituality in all dimensions of our life.


Since childhood, Shakti experienced increasing openings to the Self and the true nature of reality until a deep and radical awakening at the age of 27 took place. In 2003, while working as a financial journalist in Milan she had her first experience of kundalini awakening:

“Everything vibrated from its infinite nature: my body, the room, the bed I was on, were all a single vibration of love that expanded and dissolved in a boundless space. There were waves of love, which were overcoming other waves of love, bigger and bigger. Suddenly I was dissolved in Divine Love and I was that Love myself, with no one left to love and no one doing the loving. I was myself and at the same time I was no longer myself, Existence itself was my nature. After about two hours of this penetrating bliss, everything disappeared and I was surprised to wake up in the morning, still alive. I was certain I was going to die that night. I found myself as something vast and completely silent, looking amused at a smaller me.
Everything seemed unreal, but in a moving and loving way”

For the first time Shakti realized the need for a spiritual guidance. Although she had met several masters prior to this awakening, in unusual and seemingly unrelated circumstances (including HH Dalai Lama, Fausto Taiten Guareschi and Swami Veda Bharati), she had never felt the need for help or explanation regarding what she was experiencing. Her state throughout those earlier years had been a continuous and deep merging in the love of and for God, but her contemplation and enquiries had been private.
Knowing that this opening had taken place without any conscious desire or any intentional action, she simply waited for life to present someone who could clarify what was happening in her. Each prayer had become a simple “amen”, a “Thy will be done,” in recognition of the fact that existence itself, and the Divine through it, was always carrying what was truly necessary.
 Four months later, she met her teacher Avasa in Milan at a satsang and after five days Shakti had a definitive experience of self-recognition.

“Suddenly I found myself without a head, and there was no longer anyone looking at life. In a moment out of time, I realized that Caterina had never existed. She had only ever been just a thought of my mind, and even that wasn’t my mind: there had only ever been the Divine Mind. There was no separate identity, there never had been, but only a single Self, empty and aware, from which Existence itself was born as in a dream. This empty light – emanating from a still, quality-less space that was me – was creating everything that had ever existed. This unique Self that I recognized as myself to be existed through everything, even what appeared to be non-sentient. In that moment, the whole of existence was realized as a Dream of a single Dreamer, the Divine itself”.

It took a few months for this quantum leap to stabilize in Shakti, as the mind and body went through profound understandings and transformations.
Avasa’s guidance supported her in traversing those energetic phenomena without attaching to any of them, and aided her in developing an understanding which eradicated the fear that can emerge s during this integration process.
Encouraged by Avasa, she started almost immediately sharing her experience, although it wasn’t until 2011 when that she began holding satsangs of her own, thanks to the invitation of Carla Perotti, a close student of Jean Klein. Meanwhile, the integration process of awakening continued to deepen for several years and it is still going on, with a progressive purification of what Ramana Maharshi called latent tendencies (vasanas). Through this, Shakti developed a deeper understanding of what happens after awakening and how this can be integrated into daily life.
Over the years, many people have met Shakti, and recognized the vast and transformative reach of such a simple and direct message.

“We are one Self, one breath of life living through seven billion men and women who have the opportunity to live in a new world. All it takes is to stop believing in the illusion of fear and instead, go through its intensity to discover that it is only the fire of Love that calls us.
 It has always called us and we have always been its answer “.


Shakti has collaborated with Science and Nonduality Conference since 2015 along with other Italian and international non-profit spiritual organizations. She is constantly working on various publications on the theme of compassion as a means of transformation for our world (read some articles here> press review link).
She also created, together with Dr. Giusi Carrera, the course “From Me to the Self, A new vision on therapeutic relationships”, a master seminar on the exploration of non-duality in the world of therapy.
She has also been involved in various community building projects and personal growth events and seminars including the foundation of L ‘ANIMAle, an international agency specializeding in non duality, art and science.
She was a contributing author to ”On the Mystery of Being”, the first anthology of science and spirituality published in 2019 by New Harbinger.

“The opportunity to encounter what we are and to embody it in everyday life is the very meaning of life – not as human beings who seek God, but as the Divine who experiences himself through human experience”.