A true peace

“Become aware of all those places within you where there could be a contraction. Become only aware. Listen to listening itself … and observe how, in that listening, everything quiets down.

When you, who are consciousness, become aware of yourself, it is as if every manifestation recognized its origin and came to rest in silence. All the expression of yourself comes to rest in silence. Now… allow all the
expressions of you, the thoughts, the sensations, your body, to come to rest in this quietness. The whole world is contained in this stillness of your being, in this silent embrace of your being.

Look at how this embrace continues: through your eyes this silence embraces all of manifestation, all the manifestation is included in the embrace of your being. This is the heart – this silent, immobile place that
lays behind manifestation. And behind any opposites is this silent place. You are this silent place, and this is love – this neutral space that welcomes everything, good-evil, positive-negative, light-shadow. And it
is calling you. You are calling yourself to recognize yourself, and, when you recognize yourself, all manifestation recognizes you.

This creation, this manifestation arises from this silence. And when this arising occurs from a conscious recognition of the consciousness of what you are, the manifestation itself carries the scent of this recognition. It is a dance without a dancer that moves to the rhythm of your being. When, instead, your attention is fragmented, is divided, is separated, then you do not recognize the harmony of the dance. The reason why you split in two, why you identify with one part instead of another, is because there is still an ignorance within you, a sense of fear that excludes.

When you can rest in this neutrality, the solution is not that of the mind – yes or no, positive or negative … but it is something that goes beyond polarity and includes it. It is a third way. It is a way that is born from an
empty, silent heart. This is the transformation we are called to, this is the inner revolution we are called to. Living our daily life from this recognition. When we divide ourselves into two, when we divide good from evil, positive from negative, we live in a state of tension, of struggle. When within ourselves we go beyond this division, when we meet and go through the pain of this division or the fear of this division, then our moving is a moving that transcends this dualism. And it is the child of a peace that is an essential starting point.

Often, we seek peace as an arrival point in the struggle between good and evil, while peace is the starting point that arises from this empty heart, from this silence. When peace is your essential starting point, action, that comes from this recognition of being the silence behind the manifestation, is an action that carries a scent of this silence, of this peace. It is an authentically peaceful act, because it is born of divine neutrality. From a good without comparison, without opposite. From a love with no opposite. This transcends the logic of the mind and the sense of separation.

When we feel something in our heart is shocked, or is disturbed, or quivers, it is because we are meeting that part of us that we have not yet included in this neutrality and we can instead meet it in this neutrality, and know it. It’s an invitation. When, instead, we move from that disturbed place, we break into two: good and bad, abusers and abused, winners and losers. Everything is a dance of silence that moves for you to recognize yourself. If you grasp this, you welcome every opportunity as an opportunity to open your heart even more. “

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  1. Rebecca says:

    These words ring out as the truth of my being. It is comforting to know that the mysterious glimpses I have in which everything, every form and feeling, sight and sound, unfolds in the unified stillness as if it is all a divine silent movie, is what love is.
    Thank you, Shakti, for your unwavering message of truth…

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