Awakening to Life - satsang and intensive in London, UK – Jan/18/2019 - Jan/20/2019  18:00 - 20:00; The Meditatio Centre – London – United Kingdom

Living Awakening - a 5 day retreat, CA (USA) – Jan/29/2019 - Feb/03/2019  All Day; Mount Madonna Center – Watsonville – United States

Awakening Intensive with Shakti Caterina Maggi - Feb 8 to 10, Victoria - Canada – Feb/08/2019 - Feb/10/2019  All Day; Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada – Victoria – Canada

Retreat in Italy (English translation) – Apr/23/2019 - May/02/2019  15:00 - 14:00; Titignano Castle – Titignano – Italy

Retreat in Italy (English translation) – Aug/12/2019 - Aug/25/2019  14:30; Titignano Castle – Titignano – Italy



The word satsang comes from Sanskrit and means “in the company of truth” and is the way traditionally called meetings with a master or guide that shares the awakening to the Unity Consciousness. In satsang,  through questions and answers, one finds out what we are, using life as the reflection of the ego, so that our daily life becomes the embodiment of our spiritual life. Leaving aside concepts and ideas that we have structured to keep our fears and insecurities unraveling what is true of us, that Peace and Silence that are true at the profound and universal level, and unconditionally meeting the characteristics of our true personality free from conditionings.


In retreats, we have the opportunity through satsang, perception exercises, bandaged dance and live music to enter into the direct perception of the Self, that space of Silence and Immobility behind the manifestation, our true Self. The call is to go through fears and conditioning, letting what is false of us can dissolve leaving only what is authentic. Fear turns into joy, to live life no longer by the sense of separation but by love.


A day or a weekend dedicated to the deconstruction of egoic conditioning, or those unconscious structures that prevent us from living freely. Generally the structure of the day is made up of satsang as well as perceptual exercises inspired by Douglas Harding’s work.


For those who can not participate in events with Shakti for geographical or personal reasons, it is possible to participate, upon reservation, at seminars or online meetings. Some of these meetings are in English.