Nobody dies, the endless kaleidoscope

Every form is arising and dissolving in the Ocean of Consciousness. Nothing is actually dying, but it is just transforming. In this impersonal play of energy each expression is unique and therefore precious. Discover More Find Out More     More video

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Integrating Awakening and the mind’s pendulum

What you are is causeless, so no action in time and space can bring you to the Eternal Now. Those attempts to seek for those experiences will fail you again and again, untill you are able to simply witness the sense of separation coming back on the surface of Consciousness...

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Becoming Master of Yourself

What you truly are at the essence of your Being is Silence. This is the true I of any being, just empty Silence that rests behind the play of the body/mind. There is not a time in which this Silence that you will be probably get caught again by the playing...

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