30th July 2018

Emptiness and Form are One

30th July 2018

A master is not a person, but a function

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8th March 2018

All manifestation bows to the Self

8th March 2018

Nobody dies, the endless kaleidoscope

Every form is arising and dissolving in the Ocean of Consciousness. Nothing is actually dying, but it is just transforming. In this impersonal play of energy […]
20th February 2018

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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7th January 2018

Dating the fear

3rd January 2018

The Beauty of Awakening

3rd December 2017

Integrating Awakening and the mind’s pendulum

What you are is causeless, so no action in time and space can bring you to the Eternal Now. Those attempts to seek for those experiences […]
30th September 2017

Awakening to Life

30th September 2017

Embodied Awakening

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